All Set For The Two Oceans Half Marathon

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The Two Oceans Marathon takes place over Easter in Cape Town South Africa. In 2013 I participated in the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular events in South Africa. The main event is the 56km Ultra Marathon, there are also shorter trail races run on the same weekend Table Mountain and the event usually falls annually on the Easter Weekend. The event is popular locally and internationally with all the serious runners’ newbies and veterans alike, If you plan on running a single¬† Half marathon in your life this should be it. Or maybe this should be the second one, a flat one and this one.

While most marathons and half marathon are traditionally flat both the ultra and the half buck the trend as both are backloaded with some formidable climbs in the second half of the race so good pacing is key. I have no idea what convinced me to run in 2013 but I am back at it again for the events 50th anniversary in 2019. Not only am I back I am planning to smash my PR of 2h16 from 2013 ran all bandaged up from a number of injuries weeks prior to the race. This time I know what to expect and I am better prepared by adding strength training and injury prevention sessions to my training which were missing last time.

If you plan to run the ultra you need to qualify but running at least a marathon in order to qualify. More on the qualifying criteria is available on the official race website No pre-qualification is needed for the half however it is recommended to run at least a 5km race prior in order to get a good seeding and an earlier start time. I have earmarked a 10km race in February and I am also planning to run a marathon to qualify for the Ultra in 2020.

I will be documenting my progress and sharing the insights and any nuggets I find helpful for anyone looking to run their first race so if you are interested in following my progress please leave your information via the contact form that way you get notified everytime I post something new. Add me as a friend on Strava and hopefully one day we will meet at the finish line.

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