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This article is the second in the series on Half Marathon Training using Garmin training plans. I am using the Garmin heart rate based training plan to prepare for my Half Marathon in April. In my first article, I set a baseline on where I started and progress up to week two of the plan. In this post I will discuss new insight I have found through the Training Peaks App.

Training Peaks is a great platform to keep track of your fitness health and nutrition.. Until now I have only been using the basic version of the app just to store my data for future reference if I decide to get a coach. Luckily training peaks sent me a free 14 day trial of their premium package and I could not resist looking under the bonnet on how my training is going and how the numbers translate to how I feel.

a training peaks perfomance chart

The Training Peaks Performance management chart or PMC puts a number on fitness using three variables. CTL (in blue) represents current fitness, this is calculated from your fitness activities over a 42 day period. ATL (pink) is fatigue is an average of you last seven days. TSB (yellow) represents your form and is the difference of CTL-ATL. The figures are subjective and having a CTL of 44 is not necessarily the same for everyone. more information on how it works can be found here.

So in the last three weeks my CTL has increased from 31 to 44 which is good and shows I am getting fitter and the training program is working. My current ATL I have noticed that I start not feeling well when it gets over 70 this is a good number to monitor when it comes to your health. And finally TSB, this is used to gauge how you will perform in a race, usually the closer to zero the more in form you are, I am currently not in race condition, some tapering will be required before my next race in 5 weeks. The race is prescribed by the training plan so we will see if it implements the taper for this.

Overall I am very pleased with progress. I am very optimistic that I will reach my goal of a 1:45 half marathon, the level three plan has so far worked fine. I am seeing noticeable gains already of about 10 seconds at the same heart rate just three weeks in. The garmin app is also showing improvements in Vo2 Max and race prediction. The feedback provided by both these platform is phenomenal and a great tool for anyone looking to improve as an athlete.

Bring on the race!

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