Adidas UltraBoost ST 100 mile report

ultraboost skyshot

So its been exactly one and 100 miles today since i have been using the Adidas UltraBoost ST. Its 160km that started painfully as the first run on this shoes was 8 miles and I wanted to throw them away when I got back. I am so glad I didn’t do that though goes these are now my favourite running shoes

image fd adidas ultraboost ST running shoes


Looks wise I love the this colourways and the stance a a bargain considering i got them for $60usd, that’s R700 in South African rands for a shoe that originally retailed at over R2500. With the release of the Ultraboost 19 the prices are sure to go lower.


So after 100 miles this shoe is the most comfortable running shoes I have ever had. They feel a bit heavy and klunky when you first put them on and on first acceleration  but once you get up to speed the weight disappears and it feels like you are running on top of a cloud on the moon. Unlike most my other shoes I tend to keep these shoes on even after my long runs because once they feel like a sock once they are properly broken in i have actually nearly jumped in bed with them on.


I used these shoes initially for my long runs and since I got the PureBOOST DPR which will be my race shoes I now use these for short recovery runs and speed work sessions. The continental outsole is super grippy even in the wet. The toe box is roomy and and allows your foot some movement but not too much however if you have narrower feet you may need to consider half a size smaller.


I would recommend this shoe to any one looking for a good training and running shoe for half marathon to marathon distances. I have managed to run with these through an achilles injury and I have not had any knee joint pain since I got this which i was starting to get on my Element Refresh 2.1 Shoes.


adidas continental outsole

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