Adidas Ultra Boost ST Running Shoe After 300km

adidas continental outsole

In this article, I am going to be reviewing the Adidas Ultra Boost ST running shoe after 300km. I did a review of this shoe at 160 km however I feel that that review did not cover many aspects of owning the shoe and living with it daily which will be addressed here.

As the mileage increased the initial shoe I was using the Element Refresh 2.1 was quite restrictive and did not allow enough room for my feet when they started swelling even though it was a size bigger. This led to my feet hurting during long runs and even for sometime after taking the shoe off. I also started getting knee and hip pain and I figured it was time to invest in a shoe that would address these issues.

Why I Chose The ST Version

After reading a number of reviews and watching videos online I ended up going for the Adidas Ultra Boost ST. I picked the ST version over the standard version of the Ultra Boost for two main reasons.

  • The wider platform which can better accommodate my flat wide feet even after swelling as you get when you start running long distances.
  • The prime knit on the Ultra Boost ST is less stretchy which means a more secure snug fit even on steeper terrain and rapid changes in direction
  • The addition of the extra boost material under the arch gives you support when your feet get tired on the longer runs. A bit hard to get used to at first but your feet soon adapt.

I have not had any heat issues with the shoes as reported by some reviewers. I have run in this shoe in temperatures upwards of 30 Celsius for periods up to two hours at a time.

Current condition and predicted lifespan

After 300km the upper is still very much intact, with no visible signs of wear, The midsole is still as responsive as it was on day one. I have found the continental outsole to be wearing out faster than I expected especially at the point of initial contact with the ground and because of this I feel that it will wear through to the boost material in the next 300km.

Ride characteristics

This shoe has a corrective element in its design and it is noticeable in my running gait, prior to this I was a heavy heel striker and now I land mostly on the forefoot. This trait has transferred to my other running shoes and even my work shoes. The knee pain I was starting to experience from the Element 2.1 shoe is now gone and I am now doing the highest ever weekly mileage I have ever done in my life.

The shoe also behaves very well in off dry road situations such as jeep tracks and gravel. I don’t think it would perform as well in the wet though.

Who is this shoe for?

I would recommend this shoe to beginner and intermediate runners looking to increase their mileage and anyone who is planning to spend over two hours on the road at some stage especially those training for road marathons and ultramarathons such as the comrades or two oceans.

This is not a fast shoe but it can hold momentum well. It is very comfortable running shoe in all aspects. The responsiveness from the boost is very consistent to what I felt on day one. I have enjoyed running in this shoe and I am looking forward to the next 300km in them and I am even considering getting a new pair.

If you have any questions or comments about this shoe please feel free to contact me via any of the social links provided at the top of this page. I will be doing a video review od this shortly which I will ad to this article when its done.

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