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Athletes Endeavour is a resource for recreational runners looking for in depth information in aspects of running such as training methods, equipment, technology and injury prevention. I will be reviewing the races I enter starting with Cape Town and as the blog grows even international races. I will share insights and reviews on the equipment I use and the methods I am using to stay injury and recovering from injury.

Behind the name

The name of this blog comes from the continuous search for growth and excellence and is inspired by an early primary school memory. I grew up in the rural village of Ndundwini Kwazulu/Natal where my daily commute to school was a 4-kilometer trek to school and the same back home so I was very active at a young age. At age 12 I was moved to the big city to attend my first ever multi-racial school. This was a big turning point in my life and completely changed the way I viewed the world.

The school has a healthy sporting programme and I was in the fortunate position of being able to play a different sport every season. I pretty much sucked at everything and the only reason I believe I was in the basketball team is that I was taller than the other kids. I was too afraid to play rugby despite the plea of many teachers for me to play, the fear of being injured was greater than the sum of all inspiration so it was basketball, soccer, and athletics. I tried my hand at cricket but on the first trials day as a bowler I tried to bowl and the ball slipped out of my hand and hit another student in the head, he had to get some stitches for that and that was the last day I attended cricket practice.

Next was swimming. There was a questionnaire handed to us prior to our first swimming lesson and one of the questions was whether we were able to swim. I recalled memories of the village where I grew up, we occasionally went swimming in the rivers and sometimes dive under to catch some fish. I boldly answered yes to the questionnaire and there I was about to have my first swimming pool experience, I ran towards the deep end which much gusto and what can best describe what happened next was drowning, as much as I tried to flap my hands and feet I was getting closer to the bottom than the top. A fellow student pulled me out and from then on I would stick to the shallow end of the pool for the remainder of my primary school years and eventually learned to swim in high school.

I kept on getting injured at soccer and to be honest, I was not that good at it, my best season, however, was athletics season. I didn’t have to throw anything, nobody would be tackling me and there were no requirements for lifeguards. I did everything from the sack race meters to the 1500 meters and was pretty good at shot put. I didn’t quite make the school athletics team but I managed to win one trophy at our inter-house athletics competition, the Athletics Endeavour Trophy, awarded to the student who constantly showed progress throughout the season, I was that student and I tried my best at all I did.

each man’s life represents a road toward himself.

Herman Hess